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How do deliveries work?

Every store gets assigned a delivery day, and we call to get orders the day before deliveries. If you are an online customer, you can order at any time and your order will simply be delivered on the assigned day. Payment will be expected on delivery.

What happens when my driver gets here?

Once our employee shows up, simply check the order with him, double check everything is how you ordered it, and pay the amount listed on the invoice. That’s it!

What is the return policy?

We will do returns on most up-opened items. Once you open a box, we will no longer accept returns. Returns made from previous orders will have to be credited the following week. No returns on cigarettes.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

Unfortunately, our website inventory is seperate from our accounting software. Therefore, we cannot have accurate inventory numbers on the site. To learn if an item is in stock or not, please call the warehouse at (252) 212 1711.

Can I request new items to be in stock?

Yes! If you are selling something very well, just shoot us an email using the form to the left, or just email us at and we will do the best we can to get it in stock for you.