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Notice About Customer Accounts

Due to the high volume of business, we can no longer open any new customer accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we cannot satisfy the needs of new customers.

Any customers who want to open a second account with us will also be put on hold until further notice.

You can sign up for an account but it will remain on hold until further notice.


Due to the high volume of business we are experiencing due to COVID-19

We would like to inform all visitors that we currently are NOT set up to ship *tobacco* outside of North Carolina. We CAN ship general goods. However, feel free to sign up for the website, and we will notify all out-of-state customers when we are able to ship tobacco outside of North Carolina.

Thank you for your patience,

~ Dari Wholesales


Notice About Game Products

Due to the high demand and low availiblity of game products, all games are reserved for active customers only.

We Have Face Masks!

We currently have a wide variety of face masks, in varing sizes, shapes, and packs. 

Limited inventory, buy while you can!

Don’t Settle For Less

We Carry Everything

We carry all flavors of the top brands of cigarillos – Game, White Owl, Swisher, Dutch Master, & Goodtimes, as well as a wide selection of Cigars, Papers, & Bluntwraps for all your customers smoking needs. We also sell T-Shirts, Medicines, Games, Fragrances, Pipe Tobaccos, Hookah / Flavors, and much much more.

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How can we help you?

At Dari’s, we offer everything you need for store success. Free weekly deliveries, online catalog/ordering, a wide selection of many, many brands across multiple categories, and low prices to top it all off. 

Free Deliveries

We offer free weekly deliveries for most areas in Eastern NC. Call for more information.

competitive prices

We stay watching the competition, ensuring that we are the lowest priced wholesale.

huge selection

We always carry new flavors of popular cigar brands such as Backwoods, Game, White Owl, Swisher, & Dutch Master.

online store

With today’s busy world, online ordering is the way to go. Place your orders online, whenever and wherever you want, then just simply wait for your delivery day.

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+1 252 212 1711

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